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Rock the Baby

Welcome to Rock the Baby

“While we try to teach our children all about life,

our children teach us what life is all about.”

― William Saroyan

20 Lexington Avenue - Gloucester (Magnolia), MA 01930 

For the safety of our children, teachers & families,

we do not accept walk-in tours/information.

If you are interested in general information or joining,

please fill out the form on the SCHOOL & CARE page. 

Thank you so much!


Paper Towels


Baby Wipes -"Parent's Choice" brand FRAGRANCE FREE

Cardstock paper, white or colored

HP Printer Ink: Number 64, color & black

Gift Cards: Amazon, Michael's Craft Store, Lakeshore Learning, Dollar Tree, Walmart

Toy Donations

Wood Puzzles

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In Case of Emergency

Any Emergency 911

Poison Emergency 800-222-1222

Parental Stress Line 800-632-8188

Child at Risk

Massachusetts Department of children & Families

(Department of Social Services)


Help for Abused Women & Their Children

HAWC  Salem, MA

HAWC Hotline 800-547-1649